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ALL Classes will adhere to the Pro Watercross Rule Books for their respective class. It is the responsibility of each competitor to determine which class to enter based on the Pro Watercross Slalom Drags Class Cross-Reference. Competitors will initially police themselves - meaning officials will get involved with a perceived rule infraction only after a competitor initiates contact with the Race Director with said rule infraction.  Only competitors that qualify for the Bracket rounds on Friday will be eligible to police the technical rules of another competitor. In the event a competitor believes another competitor is operating his/her racecraft in a class for which it is violating the rules of that class, A formal protest will be required in order to initiate an investigation. A competitor can ONLY protest another competitor in the same class. [EXAMPLE: Rider A in Sport Spec class believes Rider B is operating his/her Sport Spec racecraft in an illegal manner, Rider A is entitled and eligible to protest Rider B, IF he/she comes to the Race Director and sites the Rule from the Pro Watercross Rule Book that Rider B is violating. IF both Riders are not in the same class, no protest can be waged.]  A protest will be honored and an investigation will be initiated ONLY when the protesting competitor presents evidence based on the Pro Watercross rule book. It will be the responsibility of the protestor to site the rule broken from said rule book. If a competitor is found to have violated any rule, that competitor will be DQ'd. No other options of consequences will be given.



There is an infrared beam that measures the reaction time of each competitor as it relates to his/her starts.  If a competitor "red lights" on the Starting Dock Launch Pad, meaning that competitor leaves the launch pad earlier than the green light on the drag tree is lit, that competitor is DQ'd.

In the same "spirit" as Professional NHRA Drag Racing where no drag racer may cross the center line of the track lest he/she will be DQ'd, at Pro Watercross Slalom Drags, no competitor may touch any race course buoy while navigating his/her run. The penalty for touching a race buoy will be Disqualification.

If a competitor does not make it to the Starting Dock Launch pad by the time his/her race commences, that competitor is automatically DQ'd and will not advance into the next Round. 


If a competitor conducts himself/herself in a manner unbecoming of the Pro Watercross Code of Conduct that competitor will not be permitted to race regardless of where that competitor is positioned in the racing event. It is the responsibility of each competitor to know the Code of Conduct.

Professionalism is an important part of Pro Watercross Slalom Drags Raceday Program. Your outward appearance as a raceteam member participating in the event is paramount to the success of our Program and the overall impact we as a racing community has on the potential fans and sponsors we hope to acquire as a result of our collective Professionalism. Therefore you and your team members will be expected to wear professional race attire whenever you are not actually competing on the racecourse. Professional race attire is defined as and includes but is not limited to: shirts with collars that professional represent your team name, sponsors and other graphically coordinated designs which would indicate to the casual observer that you are in fact a member of a participating race group or team. Other items that are graphically consistent with your race shirts might include matching shorts or hats. Please do not travel all the way to the races without having some sort of professional identity as a racer as we would hate to deny you the opportunity to participate based on this criteria alone.

If a competitor is hurt physically at any time before or during the event it it is deemed by the attending medical staff that the competitor's injury is or could be a factor in becoming a danger to himself/herself or others, that competitor will not be permitted to race.

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