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We are finally done squeezing everyone in the VERY TIGHT space we have for parking on Titans Way for the event.

Some things you NEED to know:

  1. There is zero room left. The spot you are assigned to is the spot you are going to have to live with. And that spot was based on the information you gave us months ago as to what size rig you were bringing.

  2. NO personal vehicles like cars or trucks will remain in the PIT AREA after you have brought your race trailer and equipment into your spot.

  3. We have 50 spots available at an overflow lot about 17 minutes walk away. That address is 670 Davidson Street, Nashville, TN. You can park your vehicles there and either Uber or rent one of the MANY Electric Scooters available all over the streets of Nashville. Or you can walk of course. [for frame of reference - there are 72 competitors so 50 spots will not go very far - try to carpool!]

  4. THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS FOR PARKING ANYWHERE. This event is huge and parking is at a premium. Please don't ask us if you can park anywhere other than where you are assigned or in the overflow lot. Believe me, we've already asked.

  5. You will enter into the Pits - Titan Way - via Russell Street. DO NOT USE VICTORY WAY as you entry point into the pits.

  6. Parking will start Wednesday morning at 9am. and we have a dedicated Parking Steward(s) to guide you to your spot. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND DO NOT PARK SOMEWHERE UNLESS YOU ARE TOLD TO PARK THERE BY THE PARKING STEWARD. [more on him later]

  7. The closest Uber location for pickup and drop-off for access tot he pits is at the corner of Woodland and 1st Ave N.

  8. We will have to be out of our parking area on Saturday by 9pm because we are in the fallout zone of the fireworks show. Your passes will work for Sunday if you want to come back to the Indy Car Race but you must park in the overflow lot at 670 Davidson Street.

  9. Here are your Parking Assignments: [this info is also available in the QUICK LINKS section of the RACER INFORMATION PAGE]

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