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New 16-man Bracket implemented for Slalom Drags on Friday August 5th

Due to the fact that we had an overwhelming response to our event in terms of racers wanting to be included in the invitation and registration process and because we went from having 64 total racers to now 72, we decided to implement a 16-man bracket in place of the original 8-man bracket. This allows for the 72 racers to try and qualify all on Friday thus going straight through to the Bracket racing format where we will have Rounds, Heats, Semis, and then Finals. So, our weekend will start with Launch Pad/Starting Dock testing and practice on Thursday. Friday we will start with Timed Qualifying where each competitor will make 1 run on each side of the course and his/her time will be recorded. The top 16 fastest qualifying times in each class will advance to the Rounds. The winners of each Round will advance to the Heats. The winners of each Heat will advance to the Semis. The winners of each Semi will advance to the Finals where the winner of the Final will be the Champion for that Class. Looking at the diagram of the bracket you can see numbers on the very outside of the Rounds races. These are the seed, or qualifying rank of each competitor. [For example, In Round 1, the Fastest Qualifier is ranked, or seeded #1 and is paired against the #16 seeded Qualifier]

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